vendredi 23 septembre 2011

There was a time that I did care (1)

Il fut un temps où je prenais le dessin et l'art en général très sérieusement. Plus maintenant. Voici quelques dessins de cette époque.  / There was a time where I used to care a lot about art and my technique. Not anymore. But here are some drawings from that period.

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Koosje Koene at: 29 septembre 2011 à 04:58 a dit…

But why not anymore?

Genevice_G at: 29 septembre 2011 à 17:06 a dit…

Well, when you start getting really serious about art and drawing, you start caring a lot about how good (or bad) a draughtman you are and you start comparing yourself with very talented people, more gifted and you realize how hard you're gonna have to work to get at the same level as those people - if that's possible. You cannot always reach that level of excellence and that is so depressing that drawing is no pleasure anymore and you want to quit drawing altogether because of it. But after a while, even though you suck at it, you stop caring ; you embrace your "suckness" and feel like drawing again. well, that's the way I see it...

Pascal at: 14 octobre 2011 à 08:40 a dit…

Je trouve que tu dessine très bien. J´aime bien les portraits et le nu plus haut.

Genevice_G at: 14 octobre 2011 à 09:42 a dit…

Merci Pascal. J'ai vu ton site aussi. J'aime bien tes caricatures. Tu as beaucoup de talent! Tu as un style très particulier et intéressant. Thank you for posting in french.

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